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  • Listening to: Random rock
  • Reading: The girl with the dragon tattoo
  • Watching: Still nothing... yeah...
  • Playing: still trying to make money
  • Eating: weetabix
  • Drinking: water
In fact, I have a whole load of images to upload, which I will be doing very soon.
  • Listening to: Rockstart by Nickleback... yeah yeah
  • Reading: Violence by Slavoy Zizek
  • Watching: nothing, internet only at work
  • Playing: at money making...
  • Eating: as much unhealthy food as pos
  • Drinking: water
Mymymy, I haven't posted anything in a while haven't I. Well, my excuse is I'm now near full time at work (bank job) and they have a go at me if I'm even doodling at my desk... so yep... I'M BORED!!!
I'm back at uni on the 10th of September so hoepfully my life will return back to its normal creativity by then. Still working on my professional website so that's something else that's keeping me from doodling...
  • Listening to: Things
  • Reading: Screened Out - Jean Baudrillard
  • Watching: CSI (addicted to it)
  • Playing: at STILL asking people to cough up
  • Eating: stuffed mushrooms
  • Drinking: OJ
I've created a new gallery in DA:


This is for professional use. I'm trying to find some work experience during the summer and this will able me to show potential employers my work in a good resolution,rather than sending zipped files.

Browse it at will, but please leave fun comments for this profile. You'll see the same deviations on both accounts.
  • Listening to: Good old oldies
  • Reading: Anything that I haven't read a thousand times
  • Watching: CSI
  • Playing: at STILL asking people to cough up
  • Eating: stuffed mushrooms
  • Drinking: OJ
Well, it's been a while since I updated this!! Uni and work are keeping me very busy but I'm desperately trying to create a couple of manga looking images for DA. Hopefully some day soon!
Can't say much more, cause there's not much happening other than the two mentioned above, and who wants to hear about people who can't keep their credit cards in order? I'll post as much as I can when it comes to uni projects!

O.k. guys, I'm off to uni, and then work tonight.
  • Listening to: Requiem for a Jerk, by Serge Gainsbourg
  • Reading: Twelve Sharp, by Janet Evanovich
  • Watching: Blackadder
  • Playing: at asking people to cough up
  • Eating: jacket potatoes
  • Drinking: coke
Yeah... I haven't been uploading much these days... U want excuses? Anyway, as my work at the bank is the most exciting one in the world I've got a little sketchbook which I like to call Vanquis Bank Doodles. So I think I'll scan them, touch them up, then upload. Otherwise, uni's out so I've got no projects sniff.
  • Listening to: Chris Cornel: You Know My Name
  • Reading: Terry Pratchett: Wintersmith
  • Watching: Nothing
  • Playing: euh... no time
  • Eating: Cornish pasties mmmmmm
  • Drinking: tea
It has been a long time since I've updated this, or submitted a deviation. But there you are: two new ones, and soon three. I've been really busy with uni project and uni essay which are both to be handed in ON THE SAME DAY!!! I've got 2200 words too much in the essay! HELP
OKi, i've just purchased from the uni shop a set of french curves which I've seen every one carrying around. One: i never knew that they were called french curves, we call them pistoles or parrots so wtf!!! And HOW THE HELL DO U USE THEM??????? To me they seem like random forms that someone thought up then made in plastic!!!
This is a cryout to all:
If you own a nabaztag or wifi bunny Please could you send me pictures of it at different angles!
I need an allround view of it for uni. I'm making a model of the bunny but I've only seen the front.
I also don't know many of its measurements, so if u could help me by taking pics of it and sending them to me via email, IT WOULD BE SO MUCH  APPRECIATED!!!!
I don't have the funds to buy my own (sniff, cause they're sooooooooooooo cute! ^_^).
Wahhh, first year at uni is busy! Haven't got much time to do anything else but work on uni project and go to work (ie waitressing). But I've got to make time, I've got to!
GAHHH I have soooo mcuh stuff to upload!! but I don't have the net at home and someone STOLE my USB key grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
But now they've added a free wifi access in my uni (halleluya!) so artwork will be arriving soon!
Oki, I've arrived!
And I love my house!!!
I love my uni...
And I've access to maya 7, and other cool programs.
I'm quitting my job on Sunday, and I may have a new one already :P!!!
That's all fokes.
Loads of pics soon to come, cause I also have access to scanners. But I may move quite a few to scraps. We'll see.
So I've noticed that there are either not many 3d artists around, or they're in hiding (for some daft reason), or they can't be bothered to comment on amateurish newbie work... kinda depressing. :depressed:
What I was hoping to get out of this was some help to enhance my skills in the area, mainly cause that is the one my career is heading towards (studying producty design)!
So if u know anyone with those kinda skills: please tell me. I would like to get in touch with someone  (or even people) who knows for instance Zbrush and gain some skill points. Or even other programs. :petting:

:bulletblue:I'm in France and working at my switchboard operating job, which has moved to an aquareum like office (blub blub).
:bulletgreen:I've had two wisdome teeth out (didn't hurt as much as I thought it would... yup I admit I panicked :fear:). Two more to come out soon.
:bulletred:I'M GOING TO POLAND as my holidays for 6 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:bulletpurple:Then going back to England back to uni!
Oki, as some people may have noticed: i'm now trying out 3d modeling programs such as Zbrush. I'm learning but not as fast as I want to... grrrr. Its easier for me cause without a scanner I can't scan in done pictures or even line art, and i've got no tablet. So there, plus it will be usefull for next year at uni when i start product design course.
Any help and tips is most welcome!!! :D
I know i said i was going to post a lot of things up: and I haven't posted any!!!  :dohtwo: Well I'm back home in France for the next two months scanner less and programms not wanting to respond.:angered: So my dreams are down the drain for a while... :cries: Maybe can convince Dad to lend me his scanner... If i ever get to see him that is. :abduction:
Oh well, as soon as I can I've got 4 pics to upload all done in promarkers which I've just discoverd. THEY'RE GREAT. :boogie: They give such a finishing uhhhhh :drool: (drools a little). And would someone tell me why the tryout program of Zbrush won't accept the password even if its correct!!!! I'm getting frustrated! Does anyone know another good 3d modeling program? I've got 3DS max, and had demo version of Cinema 4D wouldn't let me save (which is totaly useless! :ohmygod:). Please... help.
Yup today (2nd of June) is my bday which means I was born 19 years ago! I feel old! :P
I've finally got my own laptop: a toshiba with widescreen, the most ram possible and other little gadgets. And on it I've installed everything that i could need: photoshop cs2, illustrator cs2, Painter IX, Opencanvas 4 plus, Mangastudio EX 3...  But most are going to go cause they're trials (the only one I'm holding onto is photoshop). So hopefully loads more creations are going to come. Next i need to get a tablet.
I've given in my final major project and its hanging up in our gallery in uni! So i'm done with the foundation year... sniff, the best year of my life!!! I love 18! I won't know my grade till somewhere in the summer!
Update of my life:

:love: Still living in a pink cloud... and have no intention on landing anytime soon!

:floating: I've quit my work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And may have found an other one, got a trial on Saturday, cross fingers!

:hmm: Uni is getting busy. Its the final major projet and i lost a week of work when I had to go back home because of illness... nhs doctors are useless i'm sorry to say! So I'm panicking with my workload... yikes!
Oki, oof, i have found a copy of my files that I had saved on a CD before I left... so i'm saved when it comes to photos. No sign of Photoshop so I've downloaded trials of Opencanvas and Painter, just to get me going during the next couple of days, and who knows, if i like them...
I'm home (France) for the next two weeks and they've changed the system on the comp, we each have our account with our stuff on it. But since i wasn't there when they changed that I don't think that they kept my files!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't find any of my pics ANYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And i had tons... plus Photoshop is gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They could have kept them somewhere safe rather than just chucking them out!!! I'm stuck!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
:love: :love:My life is still good, my life is still great! Uni is still the best and my social life is still at its tops! I'm going to need to find a new job soon cause I really need to quit work!!! I'm still in pure pink cloud! :love: :love:
:love: My life is good, my life is great! Uni is the best and my social life is at its tops! I'm going to quit work finaly and get a better one... I'm in pure pink cloud! :love: